Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SL Weblog 3 12/7/2010

Last friday was my final day of service. Although I was excited to be coming to a conclusion with service, I was also sad. I enjoyed the time that I spent with these kids very much. We participated in numerous activities which had to do with sensory. Benjamin and Brandon really enjoyed playing with the silly putty and playing a game which involved racket balls. Throughout the semester the boys and I had a lot of fun together. Although I will not being seeing them again I hope they use the tools that I taught them and stay relaxed in class so that they are able to get their work done.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Essay Proposal Commentaries 11/30

Allison Merrill - Allison's essay proposal discussed the topic of standardized testing. I feel that that is a very important topic and one that needs to be discussed. The two questions that she addresses are also very important. I hope that she is able to find out valid information about this topic and come up with solid answers.

Andrew Costa - Andrew's essay proposal discussed Cleveland city schools. I feel that this a good topic. However, I feel that the topic may be hard to find articles on. If he is able to find good information from reliable articles then I feel that he could write a very good paper.

Catie Hodgson - Catie decided to discuss arts in education. I feel that because she decided to discuss the entire topic of arts it will be easier to find research articles that pertain to it. I also feel that she will be able to relate to the topic which will allow her to write a very good paper.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blogger 6

Today for class we were all instructed to bring in a prop that reflected chapter 9. I decided to show my high schools course selection guide. I felt that this went along really with the section on page 352.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Essay on Grouping

The National Association for Gifted Children describes homogeneous grouping as “grouping students by need, ability, or interest.” Many children at schools all of the world are subjected to homogeneous grouping day and day out. Some children may be upset because they are not receiving the opportunity to show that they could do well with harder work, and some children may have the feeling of unworthiness because they are unable to keep up with the day to day class work. Our book that we have currently been reading, Teaching to Change the World, describes another type of grouping that may be more beneficial. This type of grouping is called heterogeneous grouping. Heterogeneous grouping would involve all types of students being in the same classroom no matter what their intellectual level may be. During this essay I will share with you an example of my past experiences dealing with homogeneous grouping and a classmates past experiences. I will also discuss the the perspective of our textbook, Teaching to Change the World.
During my grade schooling I was subjected to homogeneous grouping on numerous occasions. However, no occasion stands in mind as prominently as one did when I was in the second grade. A couple days of the week a teacher by the name of Mrs. Hamilton would come in to our class room and work with a selected few students. She would work with the students that were falling behind in the every day school work. She would do activities that looked fun and interesting. While she was doing all of these activities with students, the rest of the class got to sit in our desks and go over the lessons that the teacher had planned for that day. This was some what frustrating to me because I would much rather have been doing those fun activities instead of the boring math, science or reading that the rest of the class was doing.
Catie (whose homogeneous experience I will be sharing) was put through something similar, but on the other side of the spectrum. Five students were chosen from her class to go to an accelerated math program. Catie, however, was not one of the selected five students to join this program. She felt that she was not given the opportunity to show that she could succeed in that accelerated program.
Teaching to Change the World feels that more schools should implement heterogeneous grouping. I am not sure how I feel about this particular issue. I know that sometimes students may feel that they are not being challenged enough in the classroom. I also am aware that students sometimes feel that the class work is very demanding and difficult. However, I don’t know if it is necessary to split the two groups of children. I feel that it could possibly be beneficial if both the accelerated and the slower groups of children were paired together. Maybe the accelerated students could possibly help the slower children understand the concepts and the lesson of that day.
In today’s classroom we give the teachers an extreme amount of power. Teachers may have just as big of an impact on children as parents do. The teachers are the ones who get to decide whether or not the students are in accelerated programs or not. This could effect students self esteem and possibly hurt them in the long run. In conclusion I feel that after typing this essay I am more for heterogenous grouping. I feel that there are many positives that could come out of it and we as a community should do what we can to put it in to effect in our school systems.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Essay Proposal Refletions

Andrew Costa: We were given limited information on Andrew's proposal. However, I felt that he rose a very good question and I think there will be a lot of available information on his topic.

Allison Merrill: Allison's proposal seemed very well written. She clearly let's us know the topic in which she is going to discuss through out her proposal. I really like the diversity aspect of her writing. Diversity is a very big aspect in today's education. There are many minorities in the United States and it is something that needs to be looked at. I feel that she will be able to find a substantial amount of information on her topic.

Caitlin Hodgson: Caitlin's proposal was very well written. I felt that she also brought up a very good question on how students and volunteers alike. I also liked how she brought up how teachers should be teaching in multiple ways. No student likes to learn many things the same way day in and day out. I would assume that there would be a lot of information on this topic and it will be easy to locate.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feedback to support learning

I feel that having group give you feedback about writing projects is very helpful. It allows you to converse with fellow students about what could possibly changed. It also allows you to read over things to see if there are anythings that you feel may need to be changed in a fellow students paper. You are able to give suggestions without being rude and that could possibly help the student with grade and with future assignments.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

SL Weblog 3

Do you feel that service learning is important for all age groups? Or do you feel that there is only a certain time period in ones life that they are able to be positively impacted by the benefits of service learning.

Do you feel that the service learning still has the same impact on the individual conducting the service even if they are being forced to do so? If so, do you feel that there is any positive outcome for the servicee or the child during service?

Do you feel that it is important to put past bad experiences behind you while conducting, but also using the past positive experiences to better your service experience?

Do you feel that traveling to a different country or region to conduct a service would be more beneficial than traveling to a near by school or other place of service in your home town?

Do you feel that it is important for the service to be diverse? For the servicee or individual in need?